Singing Warm Up Exercises that you Can Do.

Among the earliest training you’ll get after proper breathing and posture is the ways to “sing on key”. To start with, all but the best musically exceptional singers won’t possess the natural “ear” for music that allows them to hear once they are on or off key.

That is why I decided to point out some singing warm up exercises to help you develop and maintain a healthy singing voice for years to come.

Before You Start

Before you do anything, you must ensure your body have been carefully taught how to get ready for singing. It’s like rudiments in sport. Without the ability to mindlessly dribble the basketball, a player will never learn how to crossover or pass.

Your voice will be the same. Without the ability to mindless breathe and stand properly, you will never have the ability to get reliable results from the harmony training. So, make sure you breathe from deep within your abdomen, using your entire core muscles to draw, hold, and release each breath.

Also when doing all your singing warm up exercises be sure to stand straight with your back straight, knees loose, head up and shoulders straight but relaxed. Additionally, try to relax your body and mind before practicing. Too much tension in your body can influence your results.

Matching Pitch

For most folks, it’s merely a matter of practice. With enough time singing and listening to your notes, you ought to be capable of develop a strong, consistent singing voice on key.

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To begin with this singing warm up trainings, you’ll need an instrument.

This will provide the reference you’ll need to recognize notes and sing together with them. Whether you know how to read music or not, you should learn to play a couple of basic scales on a piano or guitar to help with this (alternately, you can acquire CDs or downloads of scales).

Now, hold a note for a few seconds and attempt to match your voice to the note. In the beginning, you may not be able to recognize or match them together. To help, get a recorder and begin recording each of these sessions. For every note, you should record for at least 1 minute.

When done, play back the results and listen for any fluctuation in your pitch. Did you rise above the note or fall behind it? Did your voice break on one part but not another? The more aware you’re of how your voice sounds, the more readily you can actually adjust it during a performance.

Good Practice

Unfortunately, there are no secrets to getting perfect pitch. It’s all about practice. However, there are certain orders in which to practice. I like to recommend starting with a simple note, for example C or E and working your way up and down the scale from there.

If your voice can’t hit the note you start with, reduce the octave by at least one so you’re comfortable. Later, you’ll be able to work on extending your range, but for now concentrate only on getting the notes you are comfortable with correct.

The following singing warm up exercise is to start taking apart chords. Do not start this until you have mastered the individual notes – for some it may take days; for others weeks. Be patient so you progress in a natural rate.

When you play a chord, try differentiating a specific note from the chord. Try to hear and sing to that specific note. You can do this with any chord, but start with the majors. The other chords grow more complicated, so you’ll want it feel more natural by the time you get that far.

In time, with enough practice and steady use of that voice recorder, you should be capable of pinpoint the best note almost immediately, remaining on key throughout a song, regardless of who is playing the music or what octave it is in.

Lots of people really struggle to sing in various keys (and I’m one of them). For a fun approach to do singing warm up exercises for your voice and expand your range, try Singing Superstar. This karaoke software can be installed quickly and easily on your computer and allows you to sing along with more than 2 million songs.

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